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Good for your food, Good for your planet

Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap - Natural Alternative to Plastic

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Available at your Local Woolworths Store



With our range of sizes and beautiful designs you can wrap anything from a leftover avo, cheese, veggies, fruit, sandwiches, snacks, loaf of bread to covering containers leaving your lunch box, fridge and pantry plastic free!


Easy to use and clean! Simply brush off crumbs and rinse your wrap under cold water with mild soap.


With the right care the wraps will last you use after use, saving countless amounts of plastic from entering our landfills and oceans. Now that’s something you can feel good about!

Tested and Trusted, our beeswax wrap community loves us:

  • The three pack is very effective and easy to use and I love the fact that I no longer have to buy disposable cling film.

  • Great for school lunches and it works so well. One seriously satisfied customer.

  • Received really quickly when ordered. My daughter loves them to wrap her school lunches. Great designs and product!

  • 3 Pack is excellent. Large size excellent for wrapping around large block of cheese - the cheese does not dry out and works better than glad wrap, medium good for covering leftovers, small perfect for half avocado - and the avocado did not go brown.  They work really well and I'm going to order more as gifts. Love them, thank you.


Keep Food Fresher For Longer

Goodwrap beeswax wraps protect and breath, shielding your food from air, light and moisture. The life of food is extended and tastes better when it's stored in Goodwrap.

Simple & Plastic Free

Every ingredient is sourced from the earth. Breathe easy, Goodwrap is great to use and disappears without a trace when you’re done.


All ingredients have been hand-picked and sustainably sourced for their natural preservatives and antibacterial properties that help keep your food lasting for longer.

● Beeswax - Water Resistance, Antibacterial, Air Resistant

● Tree Resin - Antibacterial, Pliable

● Jojoba Oil - Antibacterial, Long Lasting, Malleable

● Manuka Oil - Antiseptic, Antibacterial

● Certified Organic Cotton - Global Organic Textile Standard, Pesticide Free, Durable, Sustainable Farming

Organic Cotton

Using GOTS certified cotton was a no brainer from the start. Organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint, is safer for our farmers and avoids nasty chemicals, just to name a couple of benefits. Find out more about why we use organic cotton here.

GOTS Cotton

Goodwrap can be found at your local Woolworths.

Sustainably sourced beeswax wraps that you can feel good about.